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Six days later, Hernandez was sensationally arrested for the murder and led from his home in handcuffs.

He pleaded not guilty but the Patriots released him within hours.

I am surprised that no one here has mentioned that Fahrin Jaffer has numerous criminal convictions for fraud, theft, impaired driving, dangerous driving, etc.

Fahrin Jaffer has served jail time after being convicted of various Criminal Code charges but I guess the Law Society overlooked that given that she is a woman!

For Hernandez fans, his recruitment to his hometown team couldn't have been more of a fairytale.

In 2012 the pair welcomed their daughter Avielle Janelle - now four - and got engaged.

Hernandez called his child's birth a 'life changer'.

Aaron Hernandez's sensational fall from grace from unthinkable fame and riches at the top of the NFL to a violent gangster settling scores with threats, guns and ultimately murder finally came to an end with his suicide. It was an inglorious end to a life that began with generosity and promise; Hernandez, encouraged by his father and his family, had been an affable child with extraordinary talent.

He was a well-liked star at his Bristol, Connecticut high school, where he broke athletic records, and he became a hometown hero as he excelled at college football and then the NFL.

The former general manager of the Colts admitted they 'steered clear' of Hernandez because 'there were questions there'. On June 8, 2010, Hernandez was signed to a four year contract with a bonus of 0,000 - a smaller amount than any NFL recruit of his caliber would expect, but one that would soon be upped if Hernandez performed on the field, which he undoubtedly did.

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