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You can, however, use entitized special characters.

For example, you can use to break the line and continue the text on the next line.

In addition to finding full-fledged server controls such as Reorder List and Accordion in the ACT, you find a bunch of other server controls designed to extend existing controls on the page and provide them with new and additional behaviors. NET pages are full of blocks of markup that, ideally, users would love to move around, collapse if too large, and expand on demand. In its simplest form, the Collapsible Panel extender looks like the following code sample: As usual, the Target Control ID property sets the target panel to expand or collapse.

Existing extenders can be categorized into a few groups: panel, input, popup, user interface, animation, and button. Expand Control ID and Collapse Control ID indicate the panel to use to expand and collapse the content panel.

Although functionally distinct, the two panels are, in effect, logically correlated and rendered through nested tags: The Drop Down extender can be attached to virtually any ASP. Once attached to a control, the extender provides a mouse-over link to open a drop-down panel.

The contents of the panel are entirely up to you-typically, arranged as a menu.

NET page attach some script code to the button to pop up a Java Script message box with a confirmation message.

Note the extreme flexibility of the component design-it might not make sense in all cases, but you can use different panels to control the expansion and collapsing of the content panel.

In most cases, though, you’ll be using the same header panel with an image button that changes according to the state of the content panel.

The Drag Handle ID, on the other hand, indicates the ID of the panel control that is used as the handle of the drag.

In other words, to drag the target panel users drag and drop the handle panel.

The Confirm Button extender greatly simplifies this common task by making it declarative: The Confirm Text property specifies the text of the message box being displayed as the user clicks the button.

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